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Acción Motriz · Tu revista científica digital · ISSN: 1989-2837.
EDITA: Asociación Científico Cultural en Actividad Física y Deporte (ACCAFIDE).
C/ León y Castillo, 26-28, 3º. 35004. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (España).
Revista nº21 · Periodicidad semestral / Julio / Diciembre / 2018

Our objectives

The magazine "Action Motriz", aims to disseminate the knowledge generated by the science of motor action, both basic and applied, of great interest for Physical Education, Sports Training, Active Leisure, Fitness and Wellness, Playful activities.

Serve as a channel for the meeting and discussion of scholars and researchers in Motor Praxiology and oriented towards the dissemination and consolidation of the new praxeological paradigm.

Encourage the meeting of professionals in Physical Education and Physical Activity and Sport in general to share experiences.

All this completely free, both for the contributor who contributes his articles and for the user interested in the contents published on our website.

Directed to...

Scholars and researchers in Motor Praxiology, Physical Education teachers, sports trainers, specialists in physical and sports activities for recreation and active leisure, students of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, motor pedagogues, Fitness professionals and the Wellness.

Current number

Revista nº21 · periodicidad: Julio / Diciembre / 2018

ISSN: 1989-2837
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Nuestra revista

Ya está aquí nuestra última entrega:
Revista nº21 · Julio / Diciembre / 2018

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