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Acción Motriz · Tu revista científica digital · ISSN: 1989-2837.
EDITA: Asociación Científico Cultural en Actividad Física y Deporte (ACCAFIDE).
C/ León y Castillo, 26-28, 3º. 35004. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (España).
Revista nº21 · Periodicidad semestral / Julio / Diciembre / 2018

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To post a "Acción Motriz" collaboration is necessary that the work complies with the guidelines specified below.

By submitting the original author (s) (s) shall (n) to retain the original copy of the text. All correspondence will be established with the first author of the manuscript electronically, unless the authors indicate a specific party.

"Acción Motriz" is a fully "on line" product, ie the receipt, review and editing are provided by this support. Complete and submit the form below attaching the following files (in doing so accept and agree to have read the conditions described in this web publication).



· File (attachment) of the complete article containing the cover, the contents (tables, graphs or images must be placed in the exact location within the body of the article, do not send separate / attached) and abbreviated curriculum vitae of each of the authors.

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· File (attachment) with certificate of authenticity (Download the file provided on the form, fill it in and attach it in PDF format in the required field).

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Revista nº21 · Julio / Diciembre / 2018

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