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Acción Motriz · Tu revista científica digital · ISSN: 1989-2837.
EDITA: Asociación Científico Cultural en Actividad Física y Deporte (ACCAFIDE).
C/ León y Castillo, 26-28, 3º. 35004. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (España).
Revista nº21 · Periodicidad semestral / Julio / Diciembre / 2018

Terms of publication

The journal (ISSN: 1989-2837) is published by the Cultural and Scientific Association in Science of Physical Activity and Sport (ACCAFIDE). Its purpose is to print scientific works which are praxeologically oriented and are applicable to physical education, sports training, games for motor or movement development and active leisure pursuits. It is a peer-reviewed electronic journal which is made up of the contributions from various authors who submit their work for review and possible publication. The journal’s editorial board evaluates all articles submitted in order to guarantee that the quality and standard required for publication are reached.

The remittance and receipt of articles is subject to the following conditions:

A. Types of contributions

1. ARTICLES. Primary publications such as:

a) Reports of empirical research. Articles which contain partial or general results of original research in the field of motor praxeology and its applications. These results must not have been published previously in Spanish.

Structure. These types of articles should preferably contain the following sections:

· Summary: In Spanish and English. Maximum 200 words, placed after the article title. It should contain a brief description of the objectives, methodology and results of the article.
· Keywords: In Spanish and English (3 to 6).
· Introduction. The presentation of the problem or object of study and research objectives.
· The state of the art and theoretical framework
· Method / Methodology. A description of the method used or the methodology that was applied throughout the investigative process.
· Results. The report of the results of the investigation.
· Discussion and conclusions. The interpretation of the results and arguments.
· References.

Extension. Between 15 and 20 Din-A4 sheets. Including tables, figures and reference list.

b) Theoretical articles. Such work should preferably discuss the state of knowledge of that object or area of knowledge, or possible to identify relations, contradictions or changes or problems and propose solutions. Jobs that drive Praxiology literature and discuss their applications, and contribute to the advancement of the theory and / or practice in any area of ​​this field. In this type of work, the author traces the development of the theory to expand or refine theoretical constructs and practical proposals. Typically, in this type of articles, the author presents a new theory, but can also analyze the consistencies and inconsistencies of existing theories.

Structure. Such items should preferably contain the following sections:

· Summary: In Spanish and English. Maximum 150 words, placed after the article title. It should contain a brief description of the objectives, methodology and results of the article.
· Keywords: In Spanish and English (3 to 6).
· Introduction. The presentation of the problem or object of study and research objectives.
· Theoretical framework.
· Method.
· Discussion.
· Considerations and Conclusions.
· References.

Extension. Between 10 and 15 Din-A4 sheets. Including tables, figures and reference list.

c) Review articles. Such work will referred to the review of documentary references published. (Books, articles, reports ..). Must be a critic, argued and properly substantiated analysis.

Structure. Such items should preferably contain the following sections:

· Summary: In Spanish and English. Maximum 100 words, placed after the article title.
· Keywords: In Spanish and English (3 to 6).
· Introduction. The presentation of the work under review.
· Discussion and Analysis.
· Final considerations.
· References.

Extension. Between 5 and 10 sheets Din-A4.


Reports are scientific papers, technical and disclosure or dissemination of Motor Praxeology, applications and contents of this magazine. Likewise, those who, on topics of interest, may be requested by the management of the magazine experts and specialists in the field to analyze.

Structure. Such work will have a flexible, open and in correspondence with the subject in question structure.

Extension. Variable depending on the subject treated (approximately 2 to 5 sheets Din-A4).

B. Editorial rules format

To submit a preliminary assessment "Acción Motriz" collaboration is necessary that the text matches the format and content conditions set forth below:

· Unpublished work.
· Written in Spanish, Portuguese or French.
· Title. It should represent the content of the article and allow the reader to be in the specific context it addresses. English translation must be included.
· Word Count: Between 4,000 and 7,000.
· Developed in Microsoft Word for Windows.
· Typography Arial, 11 points.
· The alignment of the text should be justified on both sides.
· The document has to be presented in a format indent 2 cm. for the left and right margins, and 3 cm. to the top and bottom.
· The title of the article should be aligned to center, bold, and with a font size of 14 points.
· The various sections in that article is divided, must be submitted and left aligned with a font size of 12 points and bold (not underlined).
· The page or pages of the document sent should not include text in headers or footers.
· Tables, graphs or images. Should be inserted in the right place within the body of the article (not send separately).
· Format of references, quotations and notes, as specified in the following attachment:
Observations. When the images used are not owned by the author, the permission of the copyright holder will be required for them to be published. In any case the magazine is not responsible for the failure of the authors of this requirement.

C. Policy review

· The editorial team reserves the right to return items to authors that do not meet the editorial standards specified herein.
· All work shall be subject to the same review process.
· Items shipped can not be subjected to opinion simultaneously with other magazines.
· Once the paper is accepted for publication, the editorial team will comment that the author (s) (s) (s) must attend and make appropriate modifications. Such amendments should be attached only as indicated by the editorial team.
· The final revision of the scanned item is the responsibility of the authors. If there are changes and comments on the latest digitized version, the author must send to the editor in a timeframe not exceeding five days before the publication of the issue of the magazine.

Review Process

· The editorial team reviews preliminary work to verify if it meets the editorial standards DRIVE STOCK, and will be reported to the principal author.
· External academic peer review (specialists), in the form of "double blind".
· After receiving the item that the author is notified, estimated review time is approximately six months.

All original text candidate item will be reviewed by at least two external academic peers to the editorial board of the journal in the form of double-blind (double-blind). The process of opinion shall be carried out under strict anonymity by the examiners. Following the acceptance of the original text, this is referred to academic peers, according to the following format:

They appreciate the importance of the text, the formal aspects, aspects of content and methodology. They dictate the desirability of publication, the advisability of publication or non-publication corrections, as well as providing suggestions to the author and publisher.

The author / principal anonymously receive ratings, opinion and suggestions that apply in your case.

D. Copyright

"Acción Motriz" magazine adheres to the Budapest Open Initiative (Budapest Open Access Initiative) so access is identified as an open access publication.

· Any publication "Acción Motriz", its free of charge, does not entitle you to any financial compensation to the authors.
· Readers may reproduce and distribute articles or collaborations "Acción Motriz" provided that:

· 1. Be noncommercial.
· 2. You will not make alterations to the content.
· 3. Its source is acknowledged with complete information: Author's name, name of the journal "Acción Motriz", volume number, issue number, publication date and exact URL of that document.

Demarcation of responsibilities

"Acción Motriz" is not responsible for the views and opinions expressed by authors of articles or collaborations.

"Acción Motriz" is not under your control and is not responsible for links and hypertext, which, on some items, facilitate access to benefits and services offered by third parties on other websites.

E. Certificate of originality

Texts candidates unpublished articles must be original and may not be under consideration simultaneously for publication in other journals or publishing organs. To this end the author / principal shall forward the original text along a dated and signed certification in accordance with the format available for download below:
Be indicated in addition to the above mentioned, the absence of plagiarism and if the text is from a research or empirical work.

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